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I believe that a healthy and soulful life should be thoroughly enjoyed in a body that is strong, open and flexible. Being in this balanced state requires humble awareness, the ability to honor action but also inaction (rest) and looking at one's journey through life as progress not perfection. By connecting to what your needs and goals are, as your Life Coach, I’ll help guide you, and together, we will create a balanced and fulfilled life.


Clients' goals include…weight loss, injury prevention, rehabilitation, learning to swim, energy balancing, grocery/meal plan guidance, anger management, pre/post-natal conditioning, bodybuilding, strength training and coaching for competitive events. Matching my passion, knowledge and experience in yoga, weight training, functional circuit training, meditation techniques and life experiences, I aim to create your own customized health, fitness and wellness plan mapped out within this multi-faceted fitness landscape that keeps you curious, motivated and enthused.


I provide my services in home, school, corporate or public settings, catering to my clients' comfort and convenience.


Please contact me at or 781-775-2116 for more info.



on personal training: 

“My favorite thing about training so far is learning how to lift heavy things. As I’ve become more sedentary in the last few years, I started to be afraid of hurting myself, so I did even less exercise and moving. But since we’ve been working on proper form for lifting heavy weights, engaging my core, and using my legs, I’ve been feeling much more confident. This weekend when I was in Vermont, my son wanted to build a campfire. We needed to make a fire pit. We dug a hole, collected rocks to encircle the pit, and then used cinder blocks for seats around the fire. I felt so good - lifting the rocks with proper form, tensing my core as I lifted and placed the cinder blocks, running out to the rock pit to get more stones. When the fire was going strong and we were roasting marshmallows my son looks over and says, “you’re awesome”. Thank you Lauren!“

- Arlene Holtzman 


on group training classes:

"Lauren’s classes are always challenging physically, and are kept light mentally with encouragement and her overall great attitude for teaching students. Oh, and it helps that she’s got good taste in music, and her iPod keeps the flow going. Her class is consistently an oasis, in the minefield of life.”

- Jim Murray


on yoga classes: 

“Lauren’s yoga classes are the best! She has a really positive energy and her teaching style is knowledgeable, dedicated, fun and approachable. I always leave feeling mentally and physically refreshed.”

- Jennifer Brown


“Lauren you rock! You always challenge me, you never know what to expect in each class, each new class is always an adventure. You bring a great energy into the classroom within your voice and I’m always motivated and have fun in your classes. I’m obsessed with your classes!”

- Leslie Roy


“Lauren’s classes are never boring! She walks into each and every class with a positive attitude and tailors the class to the students needs. Her wonderful music selection and sense of humor make you forget that certain postures are supposed to be difficult! Lauren is one of my favorite teachers because although you never know what to expect, it’s always what you need!”

- Jennifer Lane


“Lauren has always been one of my favorite yoga teachers. She brings a wonderful energy to her classes that naturally permeates to all her students. I especially appreciate Lauren’s ability to assess the needs and abilities of her individual students and the class overall. She may have a lesson plan going into the class, but if the plan does not coincide with what the students need, she can alter the plan seamlessly and with great results. Likewise, she knows how to encourage students to modify poses, both to challenge themselves but also to pay attention to what their body—and spirits—are saying at any one time. I would recommend Lauren’s classes to students of all levels.”

- Lisa Wilson-Wright


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